Common Sativa Edible Side Effects You Need to Know

August 30, 2022

A marijuana strain comprises the type of hemp plant used, the length of time before the plant is harvested, and the various cannabinoids and terpenes extracted from the plant. A marijuana strain is a plant’s distinct chemical composition. However, it is never a single cannabinoid or terpene. Instead, it is a unique chemical composition resulting from the interaction of several cannabinoids and terpenes.

Continue reading to learn more about the kinds of marijuana strains.

Kinds of Marijuana Strains

The types of marijuana strains are Indica, Sativa, and hybrids. Each cannabis strain produces a unique physiological effect.

  • Indica

Feelings of calm and relaxation characterize the physical effects of Indica marijuana strains. Indica-dominant strains are commonly consumed in the evening. An Indica strain’s effects typically last two to three hours, making it difficult to focus. Indica-dominant cannabis strains may be more effective for users with a higher tolerance to the effects of marijuana.

  • Sativa

After consuming marijuana strains with a Sativa-dominant profile, users report feeling energized and satisfied. Sativa cannabis strains are most beneficial when consumed during the day because they give users increased energy. Cannabis users generally agree that Sativa-dominant strains are best for those with low tolerance.

  • Hybrid

Hybrid strains of marijuana are created by combining Indica and Sativa strains of marijuana. People tend to believe that hybrid strains have the features of both parent strains, even if this is not always the case. The duration of the effects brought on by hybrid strains might range anywhere from two to three hours to six hours.

Common Sativa-Related Side Effects

According to popular belief, strains of cannabis Sativa are responsible for the following effects:

Anxiety and Paranoia

THC binds to CB1 receptors in the brain, causing the release of numerous neurotransmitters and the sensation of being high. Because many Sativa strains have a high THC to CBD ratio, they can produce potent effects such as sensory alteration and a sense of time slowing down. These effects are likely to be enjoyable for recreational users, but they may be unpleasant for patients seeking only pain relief.

These effects can be frightening if they occur unexpectedly or in an unusual or disturbing environment. Fear and worry may arise as your heart and mind begin to race. Excessive intoxication can cause paranoia or temporary psychosis in extreme cases.

Although these adverse outcomes are more likely to affect those predisposed to mental health issues, they can affect anyone who pushes themselves too far. As a result, when trying out a new strain, it is usually best to start slowly and gradually increase your dosage as you become accustomed to its effects.


Smoking a Sativa strain before bed may prevent falling asleep because it increases energy and focus. However, if you have trouble falling asleep, you could get frustrated. At first, you might like lying in bed with strange thoughts going through your head.

Consume this strain during the daytime and switch to a relaxing indica, such as Granddaddy Purple, before nightfall to counteract this Sativa impact.


It is possible to feel dizzy after smoking any strain of marijuana, but a high THC Sativa is significantly more likely to induce this effect. In addition, because marijuana lowers blood pressure, you may experience dizziness, especially if you rapidly stand up. One of the most efficient methods to avoid this is to stay hydrated.

The Munchies

When using potent cannabis, the cravings might be a concern. This side effect is beneficial if you’re attempting to gain weight, but it can be irritating and unhealthy if you’re not. Reduce the unpleasant consequences of the munchies by snacking on nutritious foods or, if possible, by engaging in other activities!

Dry Mouth

Cottonmouth, commonly known as dry mouth, is a typical side effect of cannabis use. It occurs because THC binds to salivary gland receptors, reducing saliva production. Thankfully, this Sativa side effect is more bothersome than hazardous and is readily eased by drinking plenty of water or nibbling on hard candy.

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Final Thoughts

The stimulating, uplifting, and psychedelic effects of Sativa strains are well known. Thus, they are a fantastic choice for recreational users and anyone looking to treat conditions like depression or tiredness.

Conversely, Sativa strains can produce high levels of anxiety and paranoia, especially if you’re new to cannabis and unclear about what to expect. So the best way to have a positive experience with your favourite Sativa strain is to be well-prepared. To get high, create a relaxing and comfortable environment and start with a small amount of any new strain.

We hope this article was helpful and that you now understand better what to expect when using Sativa cannabis strains. It’s important to use marijuana sensibly to benefit from it.